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Nizar Taki MD


Selling Myself - Books I've Read

Nizar Taki, January 16 2023

I just started reading Grant Cardone's book Sell or be Sold, and it has provided me with new insights into how we can shape our realities by learning this skill called selling. I became inspired to write a list of books that I've read in my personal development journey to demonstrate to my current and future clients the value they'll be getting...

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Roscoe's Wetsuit Neuro #96:  Exploring Consciousness

Nizar Taki, March 5 2021

I just had an amazing conversation with my great friend Dr. Elena Buglo on my friend Toby Pasman's podcast. Elena is a neuroscience Ph.D. and neurogeneticist. She is one of those rare people who can effortlessly bridge the gap between science and spirituality. Topics we covered ranged from whether consciousness is created by the brain, how ego and...

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The Journey to Becoming a Coach

Nizar Taki, March 5 2021

My own coach told me that before he formally made the decision to become a coach, he had spent well over a decade on self-improvement, and had made a lot of headway. In fact, he believed he had very little left to learn. But when he finally chose coaching as his career, it turned out he was just at the starting line of his personal growth. He reali...

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How Thinking Impacts Our Motivation

Nizar Taki, January 2 2020

Happy New Decade Everyone! As human beings, our birthright is freedom. We are born with, and always have with us, the ability to create the reality we desire (even when it's not obvious how). This freedom is innate and cannot be taken away. When our thinking contradicts or ignores this innate freedom, our unconscious sends as an alert signal in the...

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Selective Attention: Part Two

Nizar Taki, November 13 2019

In the last post, we discussed how we can only focus on one thing at a time; our consciousness is limited to 40 bits of information per second. But our unconscious mind is constantly processing all the data that enters our brains from the environment, which can be upwards of 40 million bits per second. This is not a passive process. In fact, our un...

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Selective Attention: Part One

Nizar Taki, November 12 2019

Here, we will go deeper into the relationship between our conscious and our unconscious. Before we proceed, please watch this video, which is known as the Selective Attention Test. Every moment, our brain is flooded with a torrent of information coming in from the outside world, which can be measured in units of bits. As we learned in the last post...

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Let Your Unconscious Be Your Guide

Nizar Taki, November 2 2019

Imagine what it would be like to be a character inside a video game, living in the video game world inside the TV. You can imagine any character in any game, but I’ll use Nintendo’s iconic character Mario to simplify our discussion, as shown below: Let's pretend Mario wants to improve his life and be the best version of himself that he can be. So h...

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