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Nizar Taki MD

A plastic surgeon by training, and explorer of the human condition by nature, Nizar’s passion for helping people through the journey of self discovery and realizing their desires led him to change his own path and pursue coaching as his life’s work.

Nizar is a life long student of human consciousness, spirituality and the nature of reality.  With his unique approach, he assists clients with

  • Navigating personal challenges
  • Finding clarity of purpose
  • Discovering passions
  • Or simply improving the quality of their lives

A “mindset healer” and “life path designer” Nizar encourages thoughtful reflection on the life you’re living, examination of persistent thought patterns and gives gentle guidance and techniques that help people reconnect to their true selves and create a life that generates true happiness.

Begin your transformation with Nizar today!

Nizar is a life coach dedicated to serving those who are ready to change their lives and step fully into their highest potential.

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