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Nizar Taki MD

Nizar Taki, March 5 2021

The Journey to Becoming a Coach

My own coach told me that before he formally made the decision to become a coach, he had spent well over a decade on self-improvement, and had made a lot of headway. In fact, he believed he had very little left to learn. But when he finally chose coaching as his career, it turned out he was just at the starting line of his personal growth. He realized that in that decade, he hadn’t really learned ANYTHING, compared to what was ahead.

How could this be? I’m starting to realize the answer. I too have spent a decade and a half on self-improvement, reading about mindfulness, psychology, and relationships. This can you give the illusion of self-improvement, but it is only when you commit to teaching what you know to other people that you realize how far you are from truly EMBODYING that which you purport to teach.

If I am to become a coach, I no longer have the option of calling myself a victim when things don’t go my way. I cannot throw my hands in the air and complain that the world is unfair. I can’t ignore how lucky I am to have these opportunities - to be healthy, to live in a great country, and to have the opportunity to serve people - and then turn around and tell people about the importance of BEING GRATEFUL.

Before I take the first step to becoming a coach, I have to renounce victimhood, procrastination, and lazy thinking. Else I am a hypocrite.This is not so easy to do. Victimhood and self-pity feel good. When things aren’t going your way, it’s strangely comforting to wail at the gods who have so conspired against you, evoking sympathy and sorrow from yourself and those around you.

I no longer have this choice. I renounce victimhood. I choose ownership. I am taking the first step to becoming one of the most powerful coaches alive.I begin by transforming my own life, so that others may follow.

Written by

Nizar Taki

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